Sex and other Addictions c-

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The very thought of your younger brother has your body all hot and bothered, your lips curve into a seductive smirk as you grasp the drink bottle, it blue plastic feeling cold against your heated skin. For a second you rethink your actions before slowly teasing the head over your dripping cunt. "Mhmm.." All thoughts fly from your mind and your left breathless at the thought your your brothers lips around this, sucking, licking, chewing- you let out a moan at the thought. Squeezing your eyes shut you hoist your body up, the tip of the bottle now pressing into your dripping pussy, you imagined your brothers prick rubbing against you and hum in delight.

Your little brother, a sexy looking sixteen year old who lives with your parents across the road. You imagine his thick cock sliding into you and wriggling against your tight, hot walls. You gasp, squeal and clamp you walls down on the bottle as it slides further into your slit, "Daniel.." You whisper your brothers name, squirming and gasping as your body trembles. Grasping the bottom of the bottle you begin to pull it out, only to push it back in rapidly, "Oh! Daniel!" Your back arches and your gorgeous tits bounce as you begin to launch yourself on the bottle at an inhuman pace, crying, screaming and groaning in the euphoria as the thick bottle hit places in you that made you squeal breathlessly. You could feel yourself on the verge of cumming, and judging by the beautiful feeling in the pit of your stomach it was going to be huge.

Throwing your head back with a cry your walls clenched tightly around the bottle, your body jolting with pleasure that seeped through your veins like a disease. Screeching you came, hard. The substance ran down the bottle and dribbled onto the bed, panting you feel backwards, your limp body pressing against the mattress, you were exhausted. Your body tired and begging for rest, thankfully the tickle of your pussy had calmed. Removing the bottle from your lower lips, you pulled the plastic object from your soaked slit and just when your were about to suck the bottle clean you saw the door slam open, and in followed the tumbling form of:

Your brother, Daniel.

An old pervert.

A wild animal, most likely had crept through the doggy door installed in this old place.

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