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"Daniel?!" You squeaked, watching as your brother tumbled to the floor with a grunt. The sixteen year old shot up, holding his hands in defence as he tried to look away from your soaking wet pussy lips, "I-I'm so sorry sis! I-I swear I didn't see anything, I was only looking for the science project I left last night!" The boy squeaked, despite his seemingly innocent motives, you noticed that his pants were unzipped and that a rather enormous cock was dangling from his fly, white dribbles of cum sticking to the material of his jeans.

Sitting up you grinned sexily at your younger brother, eyeing his large dick hungrily, he noticed this after a moment and struggled to cover himself up, fumbling with his cock as he tried to shove it back into his pants. You launched yourself at him, pressing his smaller body against the wall and grasping his hands, holding them beside him. Despite being a female, you were stronger then your brother, due to the fact that he was a good five years younger than you. "It's okay, Daniel," you purr beside his ear, "don't lie to me," Daniel's cheeks were an intense red as you pushed your slit against his cock, "you saw me, didn't you? Fucking your drink bottle, screaming your name?" He swallowed thickly as you grinded yourself against his hardening cock, "it's not as good as the real thing Daniel," you wailed, throwing your hair back at the feel of his now erect penis pressing against your clit.

Daniel Gasped, "s-sis.."

"I want you Daniel, no other thing can satisfy me- Ohhh! Come on little brother, slide your cock inside my pussy," you beckoned, whimpering pathetically you listened to the way his breathing became hard and heavy, "I-I have sc-school soon.." He stammered, squeezing his eyes shut as he resisted a moan. "Daniel, you know you want me, you want to fuck your sister right? You want to slide your dick into her pussy," Daniel was breaking, quickly. He gasped as your squeezed his sack, sucking his neck. "L-Laura- Oh fuck.. I- I want you s-so bad, nggn..! b-But--"

What do you do to make up his mind?:

Drop to your knees and suck off his hard cock.

You don't give him a choice, shove his cock inside your sweet box and have him fuck you.

Butt? That gives you an idea..

I've changed my mind, this is wrong. I'm going to work, early.

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