Sex and other Addictions-

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Laura, You are a gorgeous women and don't waste time with men who can't take initiative. Your body is glorious and every man and women want to have a touch or a taste. You know how attractive you are, in fact the very sight of yourself causes an uproar in your lower stomach and sometimes- when you're in the mood- between your legs. Upon waking up in your childhood home you wipe the sleep from your eyes, you had just witnessed one hell of a dream, one that had your entire body hot and bothered. You wriggled within the confinements of your blankets, squeezing your thighs together to create a delicious friction that sent tingles of delight along your cervix. Your eyes scanned the room, glancing towards the clock, it was six thirty, work started at eight, you had a full hour and a half to make yourself orgasm. Then again, today was the big promotion day, in which your delicious young boss announces who becomes his C.E.O or "partner in crime" as you like to put it. Should you spend the time to get ready and check out your presentation or should you give into the powerful urge between your legs?

Who cares about that damn presentation, I need a little stress relief!

There's enough time for orgasms later, I have a feeling I left something out on the Presentation

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