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You decide that the need growing between your legs is much more important than the need to potentially become C.E.O of a mega-cooperation, so, while the tingles between your thighs still run high you slide your slender, manicured fingers down your body, relishing in your beauty as you dip over every crevasse, pinching an already perky nipple before moving lower, one hand grasping your left tit roughly underneath your singlet, top. Your thumb caresses a nipple slowly, causing excitement to rush through your body. Your other hand, during this time had already dipped into your panties, sliding along the wet slit, your juices creating a pool in the palm of your hand.

You gasp at the familiar feeling before gently pinching your clit, rubbing the small nub until it was bruised and pulsing. You cry out, your hips bucking frantically and eventually you decide that a sight like this can't go unwatched. Hoisting yourself off of the bed, hands still clutching your perfect body as you stumble towards the mirror in the corner of your room, you make an effort to tear your hands away and begin to strip your body free of your clothing, your skin sweating with anticipation. Your hands return to their original places, squeezing your tit you watch hungrily as your reflection copies out your movements, their face screwing up in ecstasy. Spreading your lower lips you remove your hand from your perky tit and slip a finger inside your slit in which in now dripping with your honey-suckle juices.

You squeal in delight, bucking your hips towards your finger as your pussy tightens around your finger, "I'm so tight.." You hiss, a little compliment to your stunning body. You begin to thrust your fingers deep into your sopping pussy, adding another finger in enhance the pleasure rocketing up your spine. You eyes the juices dripping from your slick cunt down your thighs, your hips begin to rock and grind as your slip your fourth finger deep into your tight hole. After a moment of intense pleasure you realise that you need a better view, you want to watch as your fingers dissapear instead the deep pleasure hole, biting your lower lip you make your way back to the bed, dragging the mirror along with you, spreading your legs as you sit, the mirror standing right before you. You lean back, now being able to see the entire glory that was yourself. "Oh my god! Ngnn! Yes, oh yes!" You cry as the familiar feeling of a coil tightens inside your lower stomach. As a powerful orgasm coats your fingers you greedily bring them to your mouth, sucking at the mixture as though it were the finest wine, you taste delicious. As you lick the cum from your fingers you heave a heavy, slightly out of breath sigh. Your pussy tingles and your suddenly aware that you want something much bigger than a damn finger in your slit. Biting your lower lip your hand delve into the depths of your bed side drawer, your fingers coming in contact with three very heavenly objects, there's a pink, curved vibrator that was your best friend in high school, more formally known as the rabbit. There's a large 10 inch monster that makes your pussy drip at the thought of having that beast buried within you, and then there's your younger brothers drink bottle, it's about as large as the ten incher and your brothers sweet lips have been all over it.

What do you chose?:

The rabbit of course!

I'm feeling game, let's fuck with the ten incher

The mere thought of my younger brother has me hot, plus I'll need to return the drink bottle, some time..

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