Search the men.

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You search the Chinese soldiers thoroughly, looking for supplies. You find extra ammo for an Ak-47, but don't bother using the weapon. You find a miscellany of things from and old bowl to a picture of the beloved Chairman. While investigating the body of a sergeant you notice that all of the bodies have something in common. On their left forearm is a tattoo of a yin-yang, the symbol of Daoism, but the entire symbol is outlined and filled with red. beneath the symbol are a series of Chinese letters marked in rows. You wonder which battalion they are from as you climb the center stairs to the second floor where the Mayor's office lies. As you near the room you hear a firefight break out in the streets below. The marines sprung their attack early and ambushed the Chinese reconnaisance team. The ensuing fire fight is turning out well for the Americans but it is then that you see a Chinese sniper taking aim in the very room in which you were going to camp. His Dragunov sniper rifle lets out shot after shot and you even hear one of your comrades go down with a shout of agony.

You'd like to take that spot for yourself...

Use stealth to approach the Chinese Sniper and execute him

Spare one of your two frag grenades to clear out the sniper

Risk being caught by shooting the sniper from your current position

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