Use stealth to approach the Chinese Sniper and execute him

From Create Your Own Story

You sneak into the room. The sniper continues picking off marines in the street below, without any knowledge of your presence. As you crawl towards the sniper you pull out your sidearm and reload it, ready for anything. You put your Deagle to the sniper's temple. He drops his rifle and it clatters to the floor. Before you can pull the trigger, you hear an agonizing utterance coming from the corner of the room. A chinese officer charges at you, sword in hand. He swings the sword and wounds your arm, causing you to drop the desert eagle. he kicks you onto the floor and as you stare up at him weaponless you can only hope for a swift death. The officer does not grant this wish. He stomps your head continually until you black out.

You didn't see that coming

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