SbG/Think about your mother

From Create Your Own Story

Your mind drifts back to a time before the wealth, before your goal to find submissive women, to a time before you knew the pleasures of dominating. Your father had just left your mother and she was crying every night. You were happy the bastard was gone, since he thought being a man meant beating women and children. Now he can beat his new girlfriend and leave your family in peace.

You have been watching a lot of different types of porn, since you had no actual experience and never had a girlfriend. It took time, but you finally found something that caught your interest more than any other. It was men dominating women without resorting to beating them. There were no chains, no cuffs, no whips. None of that was necessary to dominate and it showed weakness on the part of the man whenever you watched a scene involving anything like that.

Having no girlfriend, your natural inclination lead you to start seeing your sister in a slightly different light. She was no longer your little sister, but a girl with a body that you liked. You would sneak peaks at her as often as you could, but were always careful. At least you thought you were, but your mother caught you on several occasions. She never said anything about it, but you knew you were caught. Not that it mattered, since you were becoming a bit obsessed with seeing your sister.

It started to go from staring at her ass while she walked away from you to sneaking into her room to stare at her sleeping body. You knew it was just a matter of time before you lifted her shirt and were trying to find the courage to act. Of course, that would just be the start, since you would never be satisfied with just seeing Jessie's tits. You wanted to see it all, to touch it all, to have your dick in every hole available.

Do you continue to recall the events with your mother or do you invite your sister's siblings into the house?


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