SbG/Invite them in

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You invite everyone inside and say, "I'll bring Janet's things inside. Why don't you guys make yourselves comfortable." They go inside and Janet leads them to the living room. You walk past just as they are sitting down and ask, "How about some wine?"

Anna smiles and says, "I'll take a glass."

Jackson quickly says, "We are both underage. We can't have wine."

Janet smiles and says, "One glass won't hurt you." Before she can be stopped, she gets up and pours four glasses of wine. She hands them to her siblings and one to you as you bring in the last box. She raises her glass and says, "To new beginnings."

Everyone raises their glasses and repeats the phrase, then they drink your expensive wine. Even Jackson enjoyed the glass and he was the one you had the most to worry about. He was the one that would be most likely to take Anna to your house and you want to develop a friendship, of sorts, with him. A friendship with Jackson could easily lead to you teaching him about women and what women should be.

There is a little small talk and you maintain your focus on their faces, since that would show trust. You want to glance at Anna's chest, but you refrain from your desire. There will be time for that later and a great deal more, but right now it is about winning both of them over and the wine is a good start. After they finish their wine, Jackson and Anna excuse themselves since he has to leave and is Anna's ride. You want to offer to take her home yourself, but instead walk them to the door and watch them walk towards the car. You allow your eyes to glance at Anna's ass for just a moment and imprint the image on your mind.

You close the door and say, "I like them. They should visit often."

Janet smiles and says, "They are good for company, but just try living with them." She laughs at her joke, which causes you to laugh as well.

You look at Janet and tell her, "I laid out an outfit for you. Go put it on."

She nods and leaves the room, like the good sub she is. She returned a moment later wearing a black dress The dress is very tight and not long enough to cover anything with much success. The front of the dress is designed to exposed her tits, which are on the small side for your taste, at least when compared to your mother's. You always make the best of her small tits and have played with them in every way imaginable.

She smiles and says, "I like it."

You walk up to her and squeeze her nipples playfully as you say, "I'm glad you like the dress. Now get on your knees so I can fuck you doggie style."

She gets down on her knees and gets into position. You enter her pussy and she lets out a moan of pleasure. As you fuck her and stare at her ass, you wonder what her sister's ass looks like under her clothes and what her pussy feels like when your dick is inside of her. You cum hard in Janet's pussy while fantasizing about Anna. She lets out a moan as she climaxes at the same time. Once you both finish your orgasms, you pull out of her pussy and watch as some of your cum drips out of her. Janet turns around once she knows enough time has passed for you to admire your work and takes your cock in her mouth. You haven't had to tell her to do this in a while, since she knows what you want whenever you cum in her pussy. Her mouth and tongue do a great job at cleaning every inch of your cock and you are very happy with you sub.


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