Saya/Black Leather/1

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You quickly head for the carriage to avoid getting dragged into any long goodbyes.

There's 20 guards, 30 servants and 10 maids, a uselessly large entourage as usual.

You recognize the guards as some of your favorite sparring partners, your dad must have hand-picked them. You make a mental note to give him a big thanks before leaving.

You were never that close to the servants, but most of them are cute-looking boys (the type you love to tease). And a few equally cute maids.

You also recognize one of the older maids... Betty. She's been around since you were a 'wee little baby' and has been going on your nerves for about equally long. Your father must have send her along to make sure you behave... probably a wise move, if extremely annoying.

You greet the captain of the guards as he approaches you, he's a large, burly middle aged man with a large scar across his face. Most girls are scared of him, but you know how to appreciate the company of a veteran warrior such as him.

"Ah you've finally arrived lass." he speaks to you without any of the formality people normally treat a member of the royal family with. Another reason you like him. His drinking habits are something you like alot less however.

"Ah, nothing beats the smell of alcohol in the morning does it, Duran." you say sarcastically. "So, are we all set to run awa- *cough* go jump in the arms of my 'lovely', unknown spouse?"

"hah, I'll take ya wherever ya want to go lass, don't like the idea of seeing you with some snobby prince anyway."

"Tempting offer, but we both know i can't - and won't - run away *sigh*, so since you're escorting me there you should finally be able to tell me who I'm going to be marrying no?"

"Sure lass, we'll be taking you to... :"

The prince of a neighboring country as a symbol of our Alliance

The prince of a neighboring country to enforce a ceasefire

An extremely rich trader of noble descent who offered to supply an immense amount of money and resources in return for your hand

A mighty lord who will provide a great military asset to our army

A mysterious lord to whom your father owes a huge personal debt

Health 100 Equipment:

Black Leather Armor, Mother's Katana

Stamina 100
Mood Excited Inventory:


Purse 50, 00, 00
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