Samantha's Naughty Day/Walk downstairs in just your towel

From Create Your Own Story

You decide going downstairs naked would be too much so you wrap the towel around you. Standing in front of the mirror you look over how the towel barely covers you.

As you walk into the dining room you notice Caleb look up from his bowl of cereal and watch you walk into the kitchen. Walking around the kitchen imagining what he is thinking while you get your breakfast ready. Your pussy tingles with excitement from the look on his face when he saw you. Craving more you decide to drop your towel to the floor until you have your cereal ready.

After you have put the towel back on and walk to the table to eat your pussy feels like it is on fire and despite yourself you cant help but to sit with your legs open.

Not long after you have started eating Caleb gets up and takes his bowl to the kitchen and goes upstairs, thinking he must have gone up to jack off judging by the huge bulge in his sweatpants you pull the towel off and drop it to the floor.

By the time you finish eating you are so horny that you can barely restrain yourself. You get up and rush into the kitchen and put your bowl in the sink and start to head upstairs.

Stopping at the table you look down at the towel, and try to decide...

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