Samantha's Naughty Day/Go naked

From Create Your Own Story

As you reach the top of the stairs seeing his door is open you can feel your wetness going down your thighs more and more the closer you get. Just before you get to his door you can't stand it anymore and stop in the middle of the hall and start fingering your aching pussy, knowing you wont take long because you are so worked up. Feeling you are seconds away from a massive orgasm, you feel a little ashamed that you are so turned on from standing naked in the hall where Caleb, your little brother, could walk out any second and catch you masturbating.

Hearing a noise in Caleb's room pushes you over the edge and your whole body quakes with a gigantic orgasm. You quickly regain your senses and rush past his door, pussy juice still flowing down both legs.

Leaving your door open, you walk over to your dresser... As you pull out your school uniform you mull over if you should go to school without underwear on.

You lay your Blouse, Skirt, Bra and Panties on your bed.

Standing naked next to your bed staring at your clothes, you hear Caleb go into the bathroom.

Finally you decide...

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