Samantha's Naughty Day/With underwear

From Create Your Own Story

With underwear would be the wise choice you decide since you would get in a lot of trouble if you got caught.

You hurriedly put your clothes on and go downstairs. You Grab your backpack and toss your stuff in and sling it over you shoulder.

You hear Caleb come out of the bathroom and call up to him, "Hurry up already! Don't be late or I'll kick your ass." "Okay, okay, I'm hurrying. Go I'm almost ready." Satisfied with that you head out the door.

As you reach the sidewalk your neighbor Mr. Roberts from across the street backs out of his driveway, he pulls over next to you and rolls down the passenger window, "G'Morning Samantha. Off to school are ya?" he asks.

"Morning Mr. Roberts, yeah I'm on my way to school." you reply as you lean over to talk to him, giving him a nice view down your blouse. You see his eyes travel down to your breasts as you lean in the window.

"Well I am headed in that direction, if you want, I can give you a lift." he offers, his eyes never leaving your breasts.

What do you do?

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