Samantha's Naughty Day/New punishment

From Create Your Own Story

"I-I want it in me"

"Oh? You want your bad girl cunt to get fucked?"

"Y-yes Mr. Roberts"

"Does a bad girl deserve to have her cunt fucked?"

"Y-yes Mr. Roberts"

"No, I think a bad girl only deserves to get her ass fucked."

"O-okay Mr. R-roberts"

"Then ask for it" Mr. Roberts growls as he pulls down his underwear.

"P-please fuck m-my bad girl ass Mr. Roberts" you say nervously as you see his large cock spring free of his underwear.

He steps behind you and grabs your hips and pushes his thick cock against your virgin asshole. "Would a bad girl deserve to take it slowly?" Mr. Roberts asks you.

"N-no Mr. Ro...Ahhhh!" and before you can finish he rams his massive cock into your ass

You cry out in pain as he slams in and out of your ass, before long he pulls out and snaps "Get on your knees now!"

So you quickly do as he says and after a few seconds stream after stream of Mr. Roberts cum start to hit you in the face.

As you reach up to wipe off you face he yells "Don't touch it, leave it on your face"

"Yes Mr. Roberts" you say as you look up and see him reaching into the dumpster.

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