Samantha's Naughty Day/Mr. Roberts next punishment

From Create Your Own Story

You watch nervously as Mr. Roberts inspects the large cucumber he pulled out of the trash when he asks, "Do you think this will feel good in a bad girls ass?"

"N..n-no Mr. Roberts."

"Do you think a bad girl would deserve to have this dirty cucumber from the dumpster in her ass?"

You hesitate knowing the answer he wants, "Y-yes Mr. Roberts."

"Do you think it would be a good punishment to make the bad girl ask to have it in her ass?"

"Y-yes Mr. Roberts."

He taps his foot "Then turn around and ask for your punishment."

You do as he says "P-pleasse can I have the cucumber in my ass Mr. Roberts?"

"What cucumber?"

"The dirty one out of the dumpster"

As he puts it up to your asshole "Why do you want a dirty cucumber from the dumpster in your ass?"

"T-to punish me"

"Why do you need to be punished?"

"Because I'm a bad gi-irl" your body shakes as Mr. Roberts starts pushing the thick cucumber into your ass.

"And why are you a bad girl?"

"I liked getting spanked naked where everyone could see.."

"Do you think I should leave you out here and go in the store to find a bigger punishment?"

you drop your head in shame as you answer, "Yes Mr. Roberts."

"Stay just like you are until i get back."

"Okay Mr. Roberts." you reply as he walks over and locks his car and walks around the front.

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