Samantha's Naughty Day/Mr. Roberts surprise

From Create Your Own Story

After what feels like hours, Mr. Roberts walks around the corner carrying a large black bag. "Okay time to continue your punishment, were you a bad girl while i was gone?" he asks as he reaches into the bag.

Before you can stop yourself you blurt out, "Yes Mr. Roberts."

"Is that so? How were you a bad girl?"

"It made me wet waiting like this Mr. Roberts."

"Do you deserve a punishment for your cunt getting wet?"

"Yes Mr. Roberts."

"Okay walk over where the whole parking lot can see you take out the cucumber you asked to have in your ass."

"Y-yes Mr. Roberts." you say terrified someone you know will see. You walk over as you were told and start pulling the cucumber out of your ass. After its out you walk back ashamed at how much pussy juice is flowing down your legs.

"I see that made your cunt even wetter didn't it?"

"Yes Mr. Roberts."

He pulls his hand out of the bag holding a giant 12" dildo, seeing it makes your legs start shaking and you let out a small moan as your pussy quivers at the size of it, "Ha, look at you, you want this in your ass don't you?"

"Yes Mr. Roberts."

"Why do you want it in your ass?"

"I-i'm a bad girl and I need to be punished, please put it in my ass and punish me Mr. Roberts" you say as you get up against the dumpster.

You scream out as Mr. Roberts forces the giant dildo deep into your ass. While you are trying to get over the shock of the massive intrusion in your ass Mr. Roberts asks "Did you deserve that?"

"Yes Mr. Roberts."

"Good, do you think you should have to go back to school like that?"

"Yes Mr. Roberts."

"So do I, time to take you to school." he says as he starts walking to his car.

"N-now Mr. Roberts?"

"Yes, I think you will best learn your lesson by continuing your punishment at school." Mr. Roberts states as he opens the car door.

"Y-yes Mr. Roberts." you reply as you walk to his car.

"Get in and put your clothes in your backpack."

"Okay Mr. Roberts." you say as you do as you are told.

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