Samantha's Naughty Day/Driving back to school

From Create Your Own Story

As Mr. Roberts drives back to the school, you sit in silence very aware of the huge dildo in your ass. Pulling into the school parking lot, Mr. Roberts stops the car and looks at you and says, "We are here, time to get out." You do as he says and get out of the car, "What about my stuff Mr. Roberts?" You ask, growing scared he may drive off and leave you with nothing but the 12" dildo in your ass. He reaches into the back seat and holds your back pack out the driver side window. "You are to keep that dildo in your ass understood young lady?"

"Yes Mr. Roberts.Can i get dressed now?" you ask.

"Hmmm... I don't know if you deserve to get dressed yet, what time will the bell ring?" he asks

" 8:55 Mr. Roberts." you reply worriedly

"Well, it is only 8:47," he says looking at his watch, "I think you need to earn the back your clothes."

"H-how Mr. Roberts?"

"Play with yourself and tell me how your punishment feels before all of your classmates see what a bad girl you are."

"Y..Y-yes Mr. Roberts," you stutter, surprised at how much it is turning you on and do as he says and start fingering yourself.

"My punishment makes my ass hurt Mr. Roberts."

"If it hurts then why is your cunt so wet?"

"Because...Uhh..I'm a bad girl and I like my punishment."

"Hmm, 8:51, if you like it why should you get to put your clothes back on?"

"I...I..I want to be a good girl..Ohhhh... and go to class with my punishment Mr. Roberts"

"Good," he says looking at his watch, "but I don't think a good girl gets wet being naked at school where everyone can see, do you?"

"No Mr. Roberts."

"Are you a good girl then?"

"No Mr. Roberts."

"So you are a bad girl?"

"Yes Mr. Roberts."

"Do you want your classmates to see what a bad girl you are?"

"No Mr. Roberts." you say as the bell rings, "PLEEASE can I get back in the car Mr. Roberts?"

"You want back in the car?"

"Yes Mr. Roberts." You plead as you hear people starting to fill the halls.

"Bend over and spank yourself while you yell you like to get your ass fucked."

"Yes Mr. Roberts," you say, then do as he says and spank yourself and yell, "I LIKE TO GET FUCKED IN MY ASS!"

"You can get in after you cum using the dildo." he says. You start to hear laughs and cat calls from behind you.

"Okay Mr. Roberts." you reply as you quickly start pumping the dildo in your ass. As your pussy starts to quake you can see feet getting closer and closer.

The second your huge orgasm begins to subside you dive into the car and Mr. Roberts slowly pulls away.

Where does Mr. Roberts take you?

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