From Create Your Own Story

The world outside is a blur of colors, blue and orange and white, all flying by you as you prepare to exit hyperspeed. Your ship's AI babbles off numbers as your vessel prepares to recalibrate to normal space. After a year of flying, you've stopped vomiting after exiting slip space, but as you look outside your cockpit you wonder if you'll ever get tired of the sight of nebulas and stars passing by.

"EXITING SLIP SPACE." The cold, metallic voice of your AI comes seconds before the violent lurch of reentry, but you operate your ship smoothly as you approach the slowly spinning space station ahead. It's been a long haul, two weeks of continuous flying between systems without stopping, but you're here now and eagerly await your payday.

As you move within five kilometers of the station, a space port controller sends a message to your ship. "Unidentified vessel, you are approaching...

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