SRA/Krystal/Now for the pussy.

From Create Your Own Story

You take the opportunity to snap a few pictures on your iPhone before allowing her to stand back up. "Against the wall." You order.

"I'm not sure..." She begins. The nervousness is starting to come back. "I have to get cleaned up before Karen comes looking for me."

"Hey- I'm a cop, remember?" You say, rubbing a thumb on her cheek. "I'll just tell her I brought you back to the station for some more questioning. One quick round isn't gonna do any harm."

"But you're at least ten years older than me- and sucking dick is one thing, but full on penetration? I'd be fine if you were my age, but you're not, and-"

"And what I am is a horny cop with the power to drop charges." You remind her. "And what you are is a sexy high school senior with charges that need dropping. See where this is going?"

Krystal bites her lip and obeys. She places her hands on the wall and sticks her ass out, reluctantly allowing you access. You place one hand on each of her asscheeks, squeezing slightly before getting your cock into position. Then you penetrate her with one hard thrust, feeling her dripping pussy all around you. She moans.

The girl is not as tight as you think she ought to be, for a teenager. But she still feels incredibly good wrapped around your cock, and you thrust over and over. She cums at least twice before you get anywhere close to orgasm, but eventually you are ready. Pinching your balls to prevent the release, you snap a few more photos of the girl, face and legs dripping with cum, panting and moaning. Then you cum, filling her with seed and spraying her ass as well.

"How am I supposed to get this cleaned up with nobody seeing me?" She demands, looking worried. "It's not like there's a shower here, and I can't exactly walk to the gym drenched in cum!"

How do you respond?

SRA/Krystal/Not my problem.

SRA/Kystal/Sorry, I wasn't thinking. You can come back to my place, it's not far and I've got a shower.

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