SRA/Krystal/Not my problem.

From Create Your Own Story

"Not my problem." You tell her simply, snatching up her discarded panties and using them to wipe off your dick. She stares at you, uncomprehending.

"You aren't really a cop, are you." She asks, lip trembling.

"Oh, I'm a cop." You tell her with a cruel smirk. "A cop who knows you do drugs, and had blackmail pictures of you willingly fucking me as a bribe. You'd better have learned some new tricks by the next time I come around, or I won't be very happy. And trust me, it will be a lot more pleasant for you if I'm in a good mood."

"You can't just-" she yells, grabbing her cum-soaked shirt and trying to preserve what little dignity she has left. "That's blackmail! I can have you arrested!"

"And I can have you arrested, and release these pictures to your whole school. One way you get laid, and the other you get arrested and humiliated. It's not rocket science, slut."

You leave the school- if you get out now, even if she does tell someone, you won't be recognized. You go to...

SRA/Go to the college, because, college girls

SRA/Go to the mall, there'll more than likely be a variety of different girls there.

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