SAO-Strike Kibaou

From Create Your Own Story

With no time to grab your newly bought longsword, you strike him with a hefty punch. Kibaou is too slow to dodge so is thrown back by the attack with minus 5 damage. "Little cunt!" he yelled, slashing his blade from side to side.

You are too slow to dodge and are dealt with minus 20 damage! You talk a step back, watching your health regenerate, then you grab the pummel of your longsword and unveil it with a shimmering sound. You parry another one of his blows but a message pops up!

"No attacking in a safe zone, would you like to duel?"

Health 80 Equipment:

Basic Sword, Basic Armour, 20 arrows, Steel longsword, 3 loaves of bread

MP 0 Gold
Level 1
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