SAO-Its Not Worth It

From Create Your Own Story

You walk away slowly whilst Kibaou shouts out to you, "Traitor! Wimp! Chicken! Little bitch doesn't want to face me one-on-one! Guess you just got rekt, bitch!" He thrust his groin into the air several times in the effort to make you change your mind.

You ignore him, instead you head to the plains outside to take on a dozen boars. The area around you is bright green meadows, filled with sweet dandelions and daisies. A few large, purple boars start munching on them before they get a sniff of you!

They charge at you, the icon above their head a bold red as you swing the longsword around to slice up their neck. Then the frenzy boars erupt into a plume of confetti as the battle is won! Numerous messages pop up:

You have gained 30 gold!

You have achieved level 2!

More level ups pop up as you slay over thirty angry boars, the other players watch in astonishment.

You have achieved level 3!

You have achieved level 4!

"Oh my God!" one player calls out, "This Mika character is a badass, I'm sure he could take on the Labyrinth dungeon with ease!" The Labyrinth dungeon, eh?

You decided to take on the Labyrinth with the hopes of you completing the game and enter the real world once more, alive.

Health 100 Equipment:

Basic Sword, Basic Armour, 20 arrows, Steel longsword, 3 loaves of bread

MP 0 Gold
Level 4
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