SAO-Labyrinth (equipped)

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The dungeon known as Labyrinth was filled with other players slaying the mobs which surrounded the entrance. You walked straight past them and down the staircase, to the bowels of the first floor where you await the encounter with the boss.

Over a hundred men wait by the door, most of them a weak level 2 as they clutch their swords tightly. One man, with the username Heathcliff, led the charge as he gave an encouraging speech.

"Men of Aincrad! Now is the time where we flee this wretched game and return to the real world, this is a game of death and together we can defeat it and live out the rest of our days in the real world!" the other players gave encouraging shouts, raising their weapons into the air. "So let us take on this boss and win, let us head to level two of Aincrad and defeat Kayaba at his own game!"

The doors swung open with a heavy thump! The room was dark with a few candles and a patterns on the walls which moved sprightly, silence followed as the crowd took their first steps inside with you following from behind.

Then a knight, shrouded in iron armour sprouted from the ceiling with a heavy mace in hand, two healthbars revealed themselves to show that this boss had health over 200! "How?" cried one player with brown bangs covering her eyes. Some players ran out of the room, screaming for help and assistance but you maintain your ground.

The boss, who's true name was Kobold, swung his mace into five players who amassed over 50 health gone! "What on earth?" you gritted your teeth and prepared your longsword, what do you do?

Health 100 Equipment:

Basic Sword, Basic Armour, 20 arrows, Steel longsword, 3 loaves of bread

MP 0 Gold
Level 4
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