SAO-Kobold yield (equipped)

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A dozen men run up to Kobold, yelling out a battle cry, "For Aincrad!" they yelled but were sadly knocked back by the boss. Three of the men's health swam down to the red, with one falling into nothing. Then the player, Tetsuo, lay still for a moment as he was dying. Nobody moved, some watched Kobold whilst others could not avert their eyes from the dying player. Finally, after ten seconds, Tetsuo exploded into a million shards of an array of colours.

"The first casualty of the game," a player declared but heard a grunting noise coming from behind.

Heathcliff was slicing Kobold's mace with his blade, causing rivets and crevices to form alongside the handle. When he was too tired, he switched out for the same hooded character Mika saw at the market!

The rapier this strange figure held was long and slender, but enough to kill the creature. The hood was pulled back slightly to reveal long, flowing chestnut hair from a...girl!? She gave a wail then sliced Kobold's armour into a large cut, revealing a faded eye.

Then the boss fell down, white noise filled Mika's ears as he heard the dying wail of Kobold. The boss exploded into red shards and over a thousand exp was given out to all the players who took part.

You have achieved level 10!

You have gained 100 gold!

The girl sheathed her blade and strolled out of the dungeon, now with a midnight black cloak covering her. Heathcliff was panting but smiled warmly, "The first boss is done, on wards to floor 2!"

Only floor 2? It was going to be a long game!

Health 100 Equipment:

Basic Sword, Basic Armour, 20 arrows, Steel longsword, 3 loaves of bread

MP 100 Gold
Level 10
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