Ryan Anderson

From Create Your Own Story

It's Tuesday. You wake up by your phone ringing. It's your friend Amanda. She asks you if you want to walk her to school. You accept her offer. You're supposed to meet her at her house in 10 minutes. You dress in a long sleeved t-shirt, grey hoodie and jeans. You run down the stairs past the breakfast table, where your mom's sitting. You say goodbye then you grab your green military jacket and walk out the door. You arrive to Amanda's house just as she steps out the door.


- Hey, Nate! (Everyone calls her nate or native as she's a Swedish exchange student).

- Hi, Ryan. She says.

You talk with each other as you're walking towards Boden High School. When you get there Amanda says: Thanks for your time, Ryan.


- I was going to walk here anyway. You say and Amanda starts to laugh.

See you! She says and walks to her locker. Now that you're alone what should you do?

Greet your band members

Open your locker

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