Russian Blue

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Based on a survey, Russia houses approximately the most criminals in the world.

The Russian Blue house cat originated in Arkhangelsk, Russia and is considered to be a quiet, yet intelligent creature.

In prison, sporting the tattoo of a cat means that you were once a theif, a group of cats being a gang of theives.

Dmitri Kleiza was an inmate in a Russian prison for twenty years. Incarcerated when he was seventeen, the young man become a hardened ciminal in the depths of the prison, learning the tricks and trades of theiving and subterfuge from a self-called KGB agent. He entered the prison a scared, skinny boy with medium length blonde hair, gray eyes, and a cleam canvas.

When he left, he was a fearless man with a shaved head, scars on his face and over his left eye, and a body riddled with various tattoos, some of them prison gang slogans, spiders depicting his addiction to drugs in his past life, and a dove to signify the freedom he waited for, surrounded by barbed wire that symbolized twenty years of his life gone.

He also left with the tattoo of a Russian Blue on his forearm, crouched with a fierce look on his face.

Saturday, Febuary 5th, 2010

You wake up and feel extremely groggy. The details of the nigth befroe a re scarce, evident from the empty bottle of vodka where your lamp and alarm clock should be and the appearence of a fancy looking TV near you cat.

"Toshiba," you say while squinting your eyes. Definetely a flat screen, definitely expensive, and definitely stolen. "Jesus Christ, what the hell did I do last night?" you ask Molotov, you obedient and reliable Russian Blue. The one year old cat rotates its head to an angle, snwering you with a meow. You nod at the cat before grabbing a cell phone lying discarded on the floor. "Whatever happened komrade Molotov, Viktor probably knows a thing or two about it. Although, you really should eat some sort of breakfast first.

Phone your 'cousin' Viktor

Eat something first

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