Phone your 'cousin' Viktor

From Create Your Own Story

You get up from your bed and start dialing a number on your phone. Molotov rubs your leg and you pet him, mentally remidning yourself to feed him.

"Hello?" the voice is quick and sounds irritated, an accent that soudns like a blend of English and Serbian. Since your arrival, Viktor Bellavic has been the closest thing to family you've had. He brought you into his home when you were begging on the streets and helped you get your life together. Of course he was always tempermental, and often required you to do 'favours' for him. Often these favours ended with you stealing something or killing someone in an alleyway. But hey, it's survival of the fittest and you owe him one.

"What the hell happened last night Viktor?"

He seems to let out a relieved sigh before speaking. "Dear God, I thought you were the cops or something, cousin. And we hit the old man's house when him and the wife were gone, remember?"

"You mean the one dating a younger woman?"

"The very same." You nod and make you way into the kitchen to pour Molotov some food. He purrs happily and beings to dig into his food. "So I hear that this old guy's neighbour is going out of town as well."

You sit down and nod. "I'm listening."

"Well the black dude owns some sort of pawn shop or something. I say we sell the stuff we collected, then we steal it back! Genius!"

You roll your eyes and open your mouth to respond.

"Alright, I'm in."

"Let's scout this place first."

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