Run for cover

From Create Your Own Story

A nervous chuckle escaped your parted lips and you took a step back, your friends shouted at you but you were too busy noticing the ever increasing size of the cerberus's paw and it's long sharp claws to comprehend what they were saying. You took another step back, and another before you turned around and ran the other direction. Quickly jumping behind a scolding hot boulder that became smashed to small pieces in almost the exact moment you jumped behind it. A chunk of the boulder hit you in your lower back thigh, ripping your blue skirt but you didn't care. You just wanted to make it out of here alive, friends or not. A few yelps followed by loud growl filled the tunnel with echoes as you ran and then, silence. You didn't dare look back to see what might have been a dead demon or worse, dead friends. As you ran you came to a fork in the tunnel that you didn't realize was there. The tunnel on the left smelled of blood, which made since considering you'd killed a dozen smaller cerberus's, a couple giants, a few griffons, and probably a 100 other lesser demons on the way here, but it was dark and the path we had been on was bright and filled with flames like the tunnel to the right.


  Follow your nose and turn left
  Follow your eyes and turn right
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