Risk what your mom might say(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You slip into the bikini and throw your clothes on and as you reach the bedroom door you have second thoughts and sit down on your bed dreading what's going to happen. The next few hours drag slowly until you hear a knock on the door at eight, you wait in your room for another thirty minutes before you hear a knock on your door.

"Steven may I come in?" You hear your mom say.

"Sure." You say in a barely audible whisper.

She enters the room and sits down next to you on the bed and hands you your phone.

"I'm not mad at you sweetheart, but do you know how dangerous it is to have sex with random strangers. You have to promise me you won't do anything so silly again."

"Okay mom." You whisper to her as she hugs you tightly to her.

"Good that's sorted that, now cheer up you're not in any trouble but I think you need to go and thank Mr Jackson for returning your phone, come on."

She leads you by the hand downstairs and guides you out of the door you walk slowly across and keep glancing behind you to make sure she is still there you knock on Mr Jackson's door as he opens the door he smiles and says.

"Come on in."

You enter after taking another glance to make sure your mom is still watching.

Is he Really a nice guy(SLBC) or Very devious(SLBC).

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