Very devious(SLBC)

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"My mom watched me come in here and is expecting me back shortly."

You tell him as he reaches behind you and locks the door.

"Yes nice woman your mom. "Hello Mrs Cross I need to talk to you about your son Steven he's going to get himself into real trouble, is what I told her early, then I went on to tell her how I saw you talking with a black guy and he slammed the door in your face when you saw me you approached me and offered to carry my groceries home. When I got back to my place I put the groceries away and when I turned around you were there wearing a little white bikini and you said "I need your black cock Mr Jackson you can do anything you want to me. Well I told her I said no but you were insistent and showed me the video on your phone well I told you I was expecting company and to come back at nine tomorrow and how you were disappointed but told me to keep the phone to see how well your ass is trained for black cock."

"She wouldn't believe that."

"Your right she didn't until I showed her the video clip, she was a little shocked to say the least but it was enough to convince her what a black cock slut you were. Well she looked at me and said "Thank you, you're right he could get into some serious trouble could you tell me if he was someone you didn't know and didn't live just across the street would you have had sex with him."

"There's no way she would have said that."

"Oh but she did, I told her it took all my will power to say no you looked that good, then she looked me straight in the eye and said. "Look Mr Jackson any mother wants to know her child is safe no matter how old they are, I would much rather know where he was and who he was with so if he wants to have sex with you it's okay with me. I was a little shocked but she reassured me she didn't have a problem with it, but I needed her complete trust so I told her, if you were wearing the bikini to send you over that way we could both be sure it's what you wanted and as your here you must be wearing it."

Do you:

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