Play to Lose and strip

From Create Your Own Story

It doesn't take long for you to lose, but then again she does have xray vision. With a smile on her face she lays down her cards. You frown before taking off your pants, all you have left on is your boxers, while she has all her clothes, with the only exception being her boots. She lost them at the start of the game. You get prepared for the last round of the game, one your fully aware your going to lose. When you both put your hands down its to your indifference and her joy that you lost. You were about to pull off your boxers when she stops you. She says she wants the satisfaction of taking them off you.

Not giving you time to answer, she reaches for your boxers and slowly pulls them off you. your soft cock flops free, and her eyes nearly bug out as she sees you. Taking her hand she grasps your member, and grins when she realizes its to thick for her to close her hand around. Taking both of her hands, she rubs your shaft back and forth bringing you to your full length. She puts a thumb on the tip of your cock and licks your shaft with much delight, she closes in on your cockhead and takes it into her mouth. She takes a finger and slides it under her skirt, she rubs the outside of her slit with one finger. Turning her focus back to you, she goes down a few inches on your member, but gags before she gets a quarter of the way down. Giving a lick to the tip of your impressive prick, she reminds you, that you have to follow her orders for the rest of her night. "Trust me, Bats, you'll have fun." She grabs you by your cock and guides you to a different room.

She tells you she's going to take a few pictures

Drags you to metropolis

Tells you to call Superman

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