Tells you to call Superman

From Create Your Own Story

She pulls out your phone from your discarded pants, and hands it you.

"What do I do with this."

"Call Clark, I always wanted to do this, and don't give anything always."

"What are you going to do?"

"Just call him."

Unsure how to react, you do as she says. You dial his number and the phone rings, as you do, Kara gets on her knees and takes a position directly in front of your crotch. As soon as clark answers the phone she places one hand on your prick and the other on your balls.

"Hey, Bruce, Is there something you need."

Your to stunned to respond right away, Kara rubs her hand back and forth across your cock, she also squeezes your balls softly. Seeing your stunned reaction, she grins before lowering her head on the tip of your cock, Licking circles around your tip.

"Bruce, are you there."

'I'm here just got distracted." you unconsciously put a hand n the back of karas head, pushing her down a few inches.

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