Patrick's Day/Take a cold shower

From Create Your Own Story

You know how this ends. Horny and unsatisfied. You decide to take a shower to curb your desire.

You glance furtively at your wife's luscious ass as you go, watching as she bends over again, the lacy fabric tight across the fine curve of her ass.

You shake your head to clear the image and walk into the bathroom, turning on the water. Cold. You shiver as you step under the cold stream of water. This is your daily life. You've been married to Christina for over twenty years and have had 5 children together but somewhere along the way the spark died. Now you're damned to lust after your own wife, doomed to sleep next to this woman who is still blazing hot at 39 and not able to have sex with her.

Finishing your shower, you step out and towel yourself dry.


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