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      • Editing notes: I'd prefer that no one modify this story while I'm still fleshing out the core. There are a number of plans I have for this story, and I'd hate to have to remove someone's hard work before I'm ready to have additional authors take the story in their own direction.

If do insist on adding to this story, I would request that you do so by adding a new option. There are dozens of choices that a character could make at any given time, it's not difficult to find a good one as a launching point for things taking a turn in the direction you want to explore. Later I'll be adding a character list which can be referenced if you want to assist me in keeping continuity. If a character is tall, don't make them short. Otherwise create a new character and make them your own.

Created 4/26/2015

Patrick: 42 years old. Married to Christina and father to Amelia, Dan, Heather, Shawn, and Anna. Works in an office.

Christina: 39 years old. Wife of Patrick and a stay at home mom.

Beatrice: High school friend of Heather's

Julia: Receptionist at Patrick's office.

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