Make an excuse and leave(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You falter when you see him and decide it's maybe not a good idea after all. "No it's okay the party's only around the corner."

"Oh where?" The address of the house you’re going to as completely slipped your mind, so you blurt out your home address. "Well then you’re in luck that's the next house to where we're headed." He grabs you lightly by the elbow and guides you into the van you're now sat between them and the driver swings the van around. "We saw the big fight you had with your mom Steven, I bet you hate being treated like a kid still now you're hold enough to make your own decisions?"

"Yes." It's a feeble response but you're shocked at being recognized and are somewhat relieved when the van pulls on to Mr Davis's drive and then you remember it being parked there when you set off for the party. "Did, did you follow me?"

"Yes." Said Mr Davis. "You see we didn't like to see how you were treated, and so we thought we would help you get some revenge."

"How?" You ask the thought intriguing you.

"She's letting you go to that kids party because she thinks you're a kid how about we have a party at my place that will show her how grown up you are won't it?"

"Yes it will."

Do you?

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