Accept the offer(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

"Okay then, but can we keep it a secret?" As you ask him you hear is friend suppress a laugh and he looks at him warningly before he opens the van door and gets out you follow him out and close the door and as you do the van pulls out and drives away. "Where's he going?"

"Oh he's just going out for a few supplies." He replies as he opens the door. "Come on in." You follow him into the house and you're hit straight away by a strong sickly sweet aroma it makes you a little light headed and you stumble Mr Davis catches you before you fall and helps you to the couch where he sits you down and then sits beside you. "Sorry about that the weed we smoke is a lot stronger than you can cope with."

You think this through a little confused, his he treating you like a kid just like mom.

Do you?

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