LoK Tough it out and keep flying

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She sets her jaw, and reaches down to the control panel. She turns on the AC to maximum and, hearing nothing, hits the heater a few times- it looks like it's stuck in the on position. Krystal balls up her paw again, preparing to take another swing at the defiant machine blowing hot air inside the already stuffy and increasingly-claustrophobic cockpit, when a voice on the intercom interrupts her.

"Krystal!" barks Fox, "You completely missed that ring... there are another three ahead; please try to fly through them."

"Yes Fox, thank you Fox." she replies tersely. "My heater's on the fritz in here- I'm boiling alive in my flight suit. Wasn't Slippy supposed to give these things an overhaul last week?"

It was Fox's turn to be quiet for a moment. "Slippy's been busy," he says, choosing his words carefully. "He's been spending a lot of time planet-side lately. I'll speak to him about your Arwing when we get back to the Great Fox. Are you having any other technical difficulties?"

Her blue paws dance over the console, while the second ring flies past- Fox says nothing, but Krystal knows that it bothers him that she wasn't taking the training exercise seriously. "Climate controls are on the fritz. I'm completely blind on the port side... proximity sensors are down. Landing lights are fine. Can we just kibosh this training mission, and head back home?"

She hears a sigh over the intercom. A third ring slides past her view, ignored.

"Fine." says Fox. "Head on back. I'm going to get some maneuvering practice in though- don't forget about that meeting we've got at 19:00pm- I need you there with the rest of the team."

Her fine features displaying a satisfied grin, Krystal yanks up on the stick, and flies back to the Great Fox.

Does she: A:LOK Land the ship in the landing bay.


Location:Krystal's Arwing (Flying)

Health Uncomfortably Warm Equipment:


MP 0
Level 0
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