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Krystal leans forward, opening her maw- her hot breath wafting over the green-tipped cock of the engineer. She pauses, mouth open, surrounding Slippy's penis, but not touching it. Predictably, the frog makes a strangled noise, anxious for things to begin.

She closes her lips around the head, sucking on it for a moment before letting go, and then lapping at it quickly with her pink tongue. She reaches up with a hand and grabs the base of the shaft, before going down on it again, deeper this time.

With ease, Krystal's mouth enveloped Slippy's cock- he was smaller than some of the males she had been with before, so she was able to accommodate his length with little difficulty. She had him right where she wanted, and she knew it. As Little Slippy journeyed further towards the back of her throat, she lashed and circled his shaft and fleshy knob with her tongue. Her wet nose pressed firmly against Slippy's less-than washboard abs, when suddenly, she pulls away.

"So," Krystal gasped, pausing for breath, "the heater?"

Slippy looks down, eyes wide in both fear and desperate anticipation. "I'll fix it! I'll fix it!"

"When?" Krystal says, punctuating the sentence with a quick lick to the tip.

"Let me fix ROB first! Then Samus' windshield! Then you! Then the chairs!"

Krystal greedily glomps down on his cock, burying her face in his crotch. She then pulls away just as quickly. "ROB, Samus, then me?" she asked plaintively. She sucks on his cock head again, waiting for his reply.

Slippy grips the nearby workbench for support with one hand, and the back of her head with the other, vainly trying to urge Krystal back onto his rod, his little hips trying to buck against her. Krystal's jaw is strong, however. He then realizes he's getting nowhere. "Samus, you, then ROB. ROB can wait. But please, god, don't make me tell Samus it's going to take any longer than it will..."

Krystal coyly pretends to consider his counter-offer, before making good on her end of the bargain. The vixen's mouth is warm, wet and inviting, and she knows the frog won't last much longer- the heat radiating off the frog's member in her mouth tell her that much, but the empathic flashes and strained expressions on the frog tell her more. One more good suck, and it's all over, frog. Krystal thinks smugly to herself. She gives it a few more good pumps with her free hand for good measure.

His fingers grip her hair firmly but gently, encouraging Krystal's lavish attention. Vainly, Slippy grits his teeth as he tries to delay the inevitable explosion. Krystal moves her hands to his balls, and she gives a gentle squeeze- Slippy's determination evaporates in a high-pitched and satisfied cry, as he thrusts for a final time down the vixen's throat.

Slippy's pocket-rocket erupts in her mouth, shooting a load rapidly down her throat. Krystal gags, surprised at the speed at first, but acclimates quickly, stroking and sucking what he has to offer her. The engineer's thick batter splashes over her tongue a second time, tasting like most males do- salty, with a unique, almost fishy-taste. Slowly he draws his member out of her maw, now somewhat deflated from it's vigorous abuse.

Her blue fingers stroke it a few more times, coaxing the last of the viscous liquid out. Sure enough, his cock has a last dying spasm, as the last stream of his ejaculate splashes across her muzzle.

Krystal licks his cock clean, never taking her eyes off of Slippy- his expression tired, happy, but with an odd slow-creeping dread as the implications of what he's done catch up with him. She slowly scrapes off that last fleck of cum with her fingers and, before licking it off her fingertips, asks, "Samus, then me, right?" Lick.

Slippy takes a moment, then slowly nods. "Samus... then you."

Satisfied, Krystal stands up, and zips up the front of her suit, while Slippy wistfully catches a final glimpse of Krystal's pert nipples before they disappear again under the leather. "Thanks, Slippy. That was... fun." Krystal checks her reflection briefly in the shiny surface of one of Slippy's unfinished projects. Seeing no evidence of her latest conquest, she sashays out of the engineering room, waving to Slippy as she leaves.

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