LoK Open her flightsuit just a bit, to cool off.

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Reaching forward, Krystal hits the canopy release, which results in a hiss of air as the cockpit depressurizes. A multitude of sounds wash over her with the refreshing wind, causing her to close her eyes and sigh, in tune with all of it. Except for that one feeling, slightly stronger now, but still drowned out amongst the jubilant birds surrounding her. Curiously, Krystal scans the surrounding area, but sees nothing unusual in the browns and greens of the surrounding jungle. A small bird zips past her face, snapping her attention back to the immediate vicinity. A flying lizard of some sort lands on the nose of the arwing and stares at her, unfortunately right on top of the intake. "Get off" she says playfully, standing up in the cockpit to shoo away the creature.

In the trees below, a very different sort of lizard watches the progress of the two ships, his dull green scales and brown armour providing the perfect camouflage. At the sight of Krystal, he signals another of his species at the base of the trees. This one takes off at a dead sprint, making impressive progress in the dense undergrowth. Easily swinging down from his perch, the first lizard starts off in a different direction with somewhat less urgency. An anticipatory smile splits his fierce visage.

In her arwing, Krystal reaches out over the flight controls, trying to scare off her new visitor. The stubborn lizard ignores her efforts. Frustrated, she leans dangerously far forward, but the beast is still out of reach. My staff. Sitting back down, she reaches around behind her seat for her staff. Standing once more, she reaches out to dislodge the creature. It hisses angrily and shoots into the air- straight toward Krystal's face. Surprised, she flails her arms wildly to fend off the little monster. Unfortunately, her staff catches on something and is torn from her grasp, tumbling quickly out of sight. "My staff!" she cries, leaning out of the cockpit to look back at where it fell. That could take days to find... CRACK! Her head whips around as the birds and other beasts scatter. What was that?! The wooden sound came from ahead and to the right. Fox doesn't seem to have noticed anything, but then again his canopy is still sealed. He always does miss the obvious she thinks to herself. CRACK! Suddenly, something slams into Fox's arwing. Almost immediately, Fox performs his infamous barrel roll, hurling whatever it was back into the jungle. The moment his maneuver is complete however, a second object hits, and this one apparently damages the ship's systems on impact, as it begins to lose power. "Fox!" Krystal screams in the communicator. "Are you okay?" There is no response. The extra weight coupled with the initial damage causes the fighter to sink toward the treeline. Krystal manages to make out some kind of hulking reptile clinging to the side before it spins out of sight.

CLUNK. Two more of the bipedal creatures land heavily on each sides of the cockpit, putting a strain on the engines. Krystal quickly grabs the joystick before remembering that she left it on autopilot. She reaches for her staff before remembering that that's no longer an option either. Oh no... She feels a huge clawed hand pin her in place as it's owner balances with one foot on the rim of the cockpit. Behind him, she can now see how these beasts got up here- catapults. She struggles wildly, but the creature ignores her, reaching toward his crotch with his free hand. He flicks aside that part of his armour allowing an oversized pink cock to burst free. On the other side, his partner quickly does the same. Both are as long as her forearm, and greater in girth. "What the GMPH!" Krystal is cut off as the first beast grabs her head and forces it onto his bumpy member. Too stunned to respond, she sees his partner start stroking himself out of the corner of her eye. The one in her mouth starts pumping in and out but is unable to get very far past the back of her mouth as she coughs and sputters. She quickly gives up fighting to focus on trying to breath during this onslaught. The beast in her mouth roars and she feels a sticky liquid gush down her throat. I tastes... salty. The lizard spurts again and again, causing the gunk to overflow and coat her muzzle. She swallows reflexively, gasping for air. She feels something hit her chest and looks down to see that the second lizard has coated her flightsuit in the white goo. This can't be happening. She lashes out again, but while the lizards shrug off her blows she accidentally disengages the autopilot, sending the arwing into a dive. Both creatures dive clear at the last second before it hits the trees. Grabbing desperately for the controls, Krystal manages to pull up just enough for the fighter to hit the jungle floor horizontally. She sees dirt and plant matter flying every where just before she blacks out.

Does she:

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