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Gradually, Krystal drifted back into consciousness, glancing blearily around the room, confused at the woven ceiling and rough cloth on her bedframe. Wait... Bed? She sat up, wincing at a dull pain in the base of her skull, seeing that she was in a primitive hut with some admittedly nice furniture, in a rustic sort of way. Heirlooms from a relatively wealthy past? She shook off idle thoughts and concentrated on how she'd gotten here in the first place. Stupid Fox, Mining Corp, Courier, Fialing Systems, Goddamnit, Slippy... Ah.

She cringed slightly, realizing now where she'd remembered the scent she'd picked up before going out of it completely. So now she was a Sharpclaw captive, and, if she remembered correctly, they had at least enough interest in her female form for one to cop a feel while she was out. Or, at least, that's all she'd remembered that they'd done...

She stood up shakily, noting her new outfit. A ridiculous garment just shy of a prostitutes costume, gold and white cloth and engraved jewlery. She blushed, realizing that she's have to move carefully to avoid exposing herself completely while wearing this. Brushing the cloth back into place to preserve what little modesty she had left, she started at a quiet chuckle from the other end of the room.

Turning slowly, cursing herself for her lack of awareness, she caught one of the most surprising sights of her life. Sitting at the table, long legs crossed over a corner, was a vision in green. A tall, shapely, well-endowed female with smooth green skin and a short muzzle beneath dark and playful eyes, a long, thick reptilian tail dancing behind her. This, thought Krystal, was what a Sharpclaw female looked like. Damn.

"I suppose you have some questions, soft-fur," the smiling lizard-girl intoned, "So let me get the most obvious out of the way: Your ship crashed in the land of the Seven Blades Sharpclaw Tribe, and was little more than a pile of scrap wrapped around you when we found it. The warriors brought you here to recover, where you stayed blissfully asleep on my spare bed for nearly two days. As of now you are effectively property of the Seven Blades, as signified by your ceremonial.. Armour. You will be given room and board and have freedom of movement within the village but may not leave without permission and escort, and you'll have to... Earn your keep while you're here." She smiled salaciously at the staring vixen.

"Any other questions?"

Krystal stood still for a moment, trying to absorb what the surprisingly curvy female had just told. Inevitably, her mind kept circling back to "E-Earn my keep?"

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour

MP 0
Level 0
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