LoK Hit the canopy release

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Krystal hits the canopy release button, causing it to retract back into the ship. She takes the end of her staff into her mouth, and starts suckling it, wanting it to be ready for her pussy. The two flying creatures that were so enthralled by her canopy land on her console, watching her curiously. Krystal ignores them and slowly slides the tip of her staff up and down her slit. Watching her own juices slopping out of her and around her staff arouses her even more, as she pushes it into herself. The two creatures seem to squawk at each other, and move closer. The creatures were small, about the size of a squirrel. They move even closer to her as one slowly sniffs Krystals clit. She lets out a little squeel, the animal tickling her. She smiles and says,"Yea little guy, it tastes good, see?" She reaches down, coating her finger in her natural lubricant and slowly sucks it off her finger. The creatures slowly start licking her clit and pussy as she moans. Their pace quickens, and her juices start flowing even more freely. The first creature follows the dribble that slides over her tight asshole. it eagerly laps at it, causing Krystal to shudder from the sensation. She could feel her body tingling, as her orgasm approached. The second creature hurries down, pushing its nose into her asshole to get at the juices it thinks are there. Her body shudders as the orgasm peaks,and she moans loudly,almost turning into a scream, scaring the creatures away. She frowns once she's finished and says,"Well, it was fun as it lasted. Goodbye little guys!" she gets dressed back into her flightsuit, and feels the heat leaving her finally.

Health 100 Equipment:

Flightsuit, Krystal's Staff

MP 0
Level 0
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