Let him go before calling the cops

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He rushes off out the door and you lie on your back still panting. You think about calling the cops, but you think of giving the thief a headstart as thanks for having a good time.

You get up and pick up the phone once you catch your breath.

A few minutes later, and you hear a banging on your door.

"Police. Open the door."

You hurry to unlock it. You open to find a pair of handsome cops standing in front of you.

"Morning, sir. Got a call about a burglary?" one asks. The other one is sniggering for some reason.

You tell them about the events, about a man who broke in and what you did before he left.

"I see..." he says. "Can you describe this man for us? After all, you do know what this neighborhood is. Burglary is like a morning exercise for some folk."

Now you realize why the other one was laughing. Burglary happens so often its almost like a joke. You try to remember any key details, but all your remember is his red bandana.

"Is that all sir?" he asks. He looks towards his partner and share a quick grin. "I mean, after all, you know what this neighborhood is like. Gonna be hard to catch a man like that without any... incentive."

You pause to wonder why a policeman would ask for incentive. You almost slap yourself in the face before realizing. You know exactly what this neighborhood is like. Corrupt policeman shouldn't even surprise you anymore.

"So... think you can describe to us how you were forced to do what you had to do?" he asks. He cups his hand around his crotch. His partner already took off his belt. "That is, if your willing to cooperate."

They're practically inside your house. And the idea of having two strong men around makes your mind wander.

Cooperate with the policemen

This is going too far

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