Cooperate with the policemen

From Create Your Own Story

"Alright officer," you say before eagerly get down on your knees. "I'll cooperate."

They smile hotly as they stand in front of you. One of them simply unzips his pants letting out his big thick cock. The other goes on and strips completely letting his huge cock and big balls swing free. Either way, the long, thick nightsticks they both sport will whack at you if you become too naughty.

"Now," one says while loosening the buttons of his shirt. "Where do we begin?"

You take both dicks in either hand, both hard and hot to the touch. The sweaty scent of a working men gets you turned on, and right now you've got two right in front of your face. You gently suck at both the tips, sampling their pre that makes your mouth water for their spunk. You drag your tongue across one, and quickly go to town in the other, getting them both wet. You stroke firmly on one while you suck on the other.

The officer holds your head down and urges it forward as you try to give him the best blowjob he's ever had. You squeeze his cock with your soft tongue and slide it across the roof of your mouth.

What happens next?

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