From Create Your Own Story

You are Leroy Goodwin and you are sixty years old today and it's going to be a good day after forty four years working the same mundane job this is the day you retire a whole five years early that you expected. The house is paid for you've no close family to worry about and your pension will be enough for you to live comfortably on for the rest of your days.

Your last work day goes well, you've had all the retirement ceremonies a week ago, all false gratitude and plaudits being one of the few black guys they're glad to see the back of you and the number of times you've been passed over for promotion because of the colour of your skin the feeling is mutual. The lunch break goes much slower than usual and after an hour back at the grind stone so to speak you've had enough and call it quits, complaining of an headache you leave work for the last time not caring your last pay cheque will be a little light.

You arrive home mid-afternoon and now you have to decide what to do.

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