Attend to the garden(LeroySLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You change into some old coveralls and head into the garden, its long sweaty work but after an hour your clear and tidy the front yard before heading out back. You are just settling down into a routine when you stop and mop your brow a casual look around and your eyes fall on the window of your neighbours bedroom, you notice a figure in the window, they have their back to you and your cock twitches when you see the pert, lingerie clad, ass, you know the people who live there, a couple with their teenage son, knowing that the parents are both working you figure the son as brought a girl home, you are contemplating this when the figure turns around and jumps back from the window, caught staring you go back to working on the garden. It isn't long before you hear movement on the other side of the fence and then voice of the boy next door.

"Can I talk to you Mr Goodwin about what you just saw? I can explain everything"

Do you?

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