Leave your apartment and walk to your parents house

From Create Your Own Story

You set aside the potion for the time being and head to your parents house, hoping to find more information about your sister's phone call.

After about 20 minutes, you arrive at their house.

The front door is wide open.

"Sarah!" you call out, slowly approaching the open door. No response. As you step into the house and look around there are clear signs of some sort of struggle. Chairs around the living room table are knocked over, as well as a broken lamp in the corner of the room. You peer inside the kitchen, and see that the window above the sink has been broken, and glass is all over the floor. Then you see the phone which Sarah used to call you in the middle of the floor, next to a slimy trail that leads out the front of the house.

"What the hell attacked her?" you wonder. You follow the trail back out of the house and discover that it leads to a nearby manhole.

Do you:

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