Climb down the manhole to save your sister

From Create Your Own Story

You pry open the manhole cover and climb down the stairs into the sewer. The smell is terrible, but you are so worried about Sarah you can't think of anything else.

The tunnels were dimly lit, but you couldn't see all the way down them. You hear a faint scream coming from one of the tunnels.

Immediately, you run that direction, hoping to find your little sister.

As you venture further in, you realize you are approaching a dead-end. "Where is she" you thought.

Suddenly, something begins to move around in the sewage in front of you. Before you can react, three slimy purple tentacles reach up and wrap themselves around you.

"Do we have an intruder?" you hear a voice ask.

"That voice," you thought "that is the old man's voice from before!"

The old man steps out from the shadows and looks at you. "Well well, if it isn't my little hero. Hahaha."

"Where is my sister you fucking creep!" you yell.

"Oh she's here." He points to a dark corner of the room.

Do you:

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