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Location: Castle Town, Ocarina of Time Dimension

It's been a year since Ganon was defeated. Princess Zelda, in sending Link back to his own time as a kid, created two timelines, one where Hyrule was never in dire threat, and one where Zelda and yourself were left to rebuild it. You are the Link from the latter of the two, and still had plenty of work to do with Zelda to restore the kingdom to it's former glory. Your task, as the princess' knight, was to travel the land and to help those in need. For the first 11 months after Ganon was defeated, you hardly left the walls of Castle Town. So much work had to be done in renewing the city for people to live in, to be able to restore some normal life, that there was simply no time. On the bright side, you and the princess had worked side by side for a long time on this, and were now rather close. However, as this first year after the silent war came to an end, you decided it was time to venture back out into the world, equipping yourself with old armor and the Master Sword, both to retain order to the outside world, and to rekindle old relationships with all those you helped in the past.

You go into the central square of Castle Town, ready to leave...but where to first?

Return to the Castle

Go into Hyrule Field

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