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This grassy field goes on in all directions, leading to various places in the kingdom. One may say it's the center of travel. On the outskirts of these plains, the ominous Death Mountain rises, towering over Kakariko Village. A strong river flows from the source of the Zora Domain, leading down to Lake Hylia. In that direction, the steppes lead into the Gerudo Desert. To the south lays the massive forest, your former home and home of the Kokiri, your friends. In the center of this all sits the mesa holding Lon Lon Ranch, where Epona once resided.

Memories, good and bad, flood from each of these places, and you remember old allies and friends waiting for you at each of them.

Where to?

Lon Lon Ranch

Zora Domain

Kakariko Village

The Deku Forest

Lake Hylia

Gerudo Valley

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