Keep swallowing him

From Create Your Own Story

Excited by the idea of someone jizzing in your cock, you push his erection against his belly so it slides in without discomfort. The feeling of him squirming desperately inside you puts you into a state of pure ecstasy and you voice this loudly will laying back onto your former middle child's bed and slurp your elldest's legs up to the knee. All that is left are his legs kicking weakly as he slowly gives into his own pleasure. All too soon you feel the rest of him enter your cock and you writhe in the intesity of your pleasure. Soon he enters your balls fully and you moan in anticipation of the next act. He stops struggling as he tries to prevent himself from orgasming and you clench as if you had a direct link to his feeling of pleauIre. Finally you feel him empty his cum into yours with a torrent of spooge that you did not even know he was capable of producing. Suddenly, he is no more and you have a new giant load of cum to release. After recovering from the near mind-shattering feeling of him cumming, you look up to see your youngest standing in the doorway. What do you do?

Three for three (Warning CV)

Cum on him


Leave him alone and find someone else to help you take care of you

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