Three for three (Warning CV)

From Create Your Own Story

He is just standing there with his mouth hanging open and as much as you would love to use his own surprise to his disadvantage, the possibility of feeling the bliss of voring him is too enticing to pass up. You smile mischievously and grab him while he tries to recover from his shock. His head is quickly stuffed into your tip and you moan as you quickly start to swallow him up. He just hangs limply as you rip off his clothes with his entire head still in your dick. By the time you peel off the last of his clothes, and notice his erection, he has realized the danger and starts to squirm while you grab him and start pulling him in. He slips in quite nicely and when you moan for the first time since you started to vore him, his prick is already brushing against yours. Not caring enough to savor the feeling of your cock being full, you shove him nearly all the way in. He simply slips the rest of the way in as you pull your cock up to let gravity assist you. He curls up in to the pool of jizz and curls up into your cum filled nuts. He is undoubtedly the least informed about what is happening as he doesn't even try to fight his approaching orgasm. The sensation of your third mini-orgasm forces you to sit down and you leak pre as you stare at your ridiculously large jewels. What now?

Jerk off onto yourself

Drown yourself in your own cum

Call a friend to take care of this for you

Go hunting on the streets

Get raped

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